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Rosebud* introduces "click-less collaboration"®.

"Click-less collaboration" is the ability to collaborate on documents in real-time. No need to click to transfer presenter control. Markups get transferred instantaneously to all participants.

Rosebud's* patented technology is a software tool for PDF document distribution, presentation and markup that plugs into Adobe Acrobat to provide a real-time collaboration service.

Rosebud* doesn't depend on invasive screen-sharing like WebEx, GoToMeeting and Adobe Connect. So you can say goodbye to distorted images, fuzzy text and wrong color.

Rosebud* puts everybody on the same page©.

  • Rosebud is three collaboration tools in one. It the only one that allows you to:
    • Present to very large audiences
    • Collaborate in real-time
    • Collaborate offline
  • Rosebud allows simultaneous editing of your actual document, making it seem as if all viewers are sitting in the same room in front of the same screen.
  • Rosebud doesn't require a check-in/check-out procedure since it picks up all your changes automatically.
  • Markups are seen instantly by all viewers in a session. The experience is seamless.
  • Markups remain, and are automatically updated, for any viewers who log into a later session and are all stored on the document itself.
  • Every user works off their own local up-to-date copy with all markups.

See why Rosebud* "...blows away Acrobat Connect. Whereas Connect has the flash of Flash, video support, and the Adobe brand working for it, Rosebud is real-time, beautifully hi-res (yet fast) PDF-sharing software that facilitates productivity..."

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Download now: FREE Rosebud* trial release for Windows and Mac (plugs into Acrobat 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10)

5X faster than Adobe Acrobat
Rosebud is a registered trademark (2,971,179) of Rosebud PLM, Inc.   © 2002 Rosebud PLM, Inc.
(* United States Patents 7,454,760, 8,046,699 and 8,578,280)