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Rosebud Collaboration

Rosebud* is a unique collaboration solution that allows documents to be securely reviewed and edited concurrently among participants on the Internet. Rosebud's* solution is the only collaboration solution available today that provides both presentation and reviewer collaboration in one software solution. Rosebud* provides fast, secure, multimedia collaboration between an originator and any number of participants using any document type on any platform. Rosebud* combines the features of Web-meeting tools with the capabilities of content and document management solutions into a single solution for document collaboration with no switching between software modules.

Rosebud* offers superior image quality and better security when compared to current Web-meeting products like WebEx, MS LiveMeeting and Oracle iMeeting. This is because all of these products use some variation of the same technique: they capture and then compress screen shots from the host/facilitatorís and transmit them to all the participants. None of these techniques retain the original quality of both text and images because you lose something with compression that canít be restored. With Rosebud*, all participants work with the original PDF document so everyone sees the same quality as the original PDF representation.

Rosebud* uses PDF, the de-facto standard for electronic content with its greater image quality and built-in document security and Adobe Acrobat with its proven annotation toolset as the basis for Rosebud's* patent-pending technology. Rosebud* leverages Acrobat's toolset to review and edit with PDF documents. Participants can collaborate concurrently in real time or independently in your own timeframe; thru a proxy server; inside or outside an enterprise firewall; on Windows and Mac. And since Rosebud* does not require desktop or application sharing the host/facilitatorís PC is never exposed to malicious outside attack.

With Rosebud*, you can collaborate with multiple source documents as part of the same collaboration session; no check-in/check-out; documents are automatically downloaded when a participant joins a Rosebud* session. Rosebud's* chat feature also allows participants to dialog off-page while commenting on-page in each collaboration session. Rosebud* is more secure than other collaboration tools because Rosebud* is Java based, uses PDF with its multiple levels of document security, does not require a web browser, is virus and worm resistant and offers optional SSL encryption.

Rosebud* links all participants together with Adobe Acrobat so that each participantís comments are replicated to the other participants whenever they join a Rosebud* collaboration session. All that a document host/facilitator needs to do to distribute a document for review is connect to the Web, launch Acrobat, start Rosebud* and then create a Rosebud* session. Once the session is created just open a document, and invite the participants to join. The original document is downloaded to participants the first time they join a session along with all previously made comments to the original document. After which, each participant receives the other participantís comments as they are made. After all the participants have reviewed and commented on the document using Acrobatís commenting and reporting features, the host/facilitator can accept or reject the comments. If the PDF document was created from MS Word XP or greater then Acrobat can roundtrip the comments back into MS Word XP.

Rosebud* is a server based Java application that replicates Adobe Acrobatís annotation commands captured by a client side Rosebud* plug-in to Adobe Acrobat. The Rosebud client-side plug-in to Acrobat is comprised of two modules: a native code module that intercepts Adobe Acrobatís annotation commands and queues them to a Java client-side module for transmission over the Web to the Rosebud* application server for replication to the other participants. Rosebud* enables Acrobat to be used synchronously or asynchronously for document collaboration on the Web. Because Rosebud* uses PDF and Acrobat, Rosebud* is also the only collaboration tool that supports dynamic hypertext content including web pages, active links, help files and audio/video files. Consequently, Rosebud* can be used to collaborate on Web page design and Help file creation. Here is an example of what each participant would see collaborating on a web page design:

John: Host

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Roger: Web designer

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Rosebud* can be used with any version of Acrobat 6 or 7; standard or professional; on Win or Mac platforms. The operating system requirements for Windows are Win 98, Win Me, Win 2000, or Win XP and for the Mac are OS X2 or greater. Javaís Runtime Environment (JRE) is required on the client and is automatically downloaded with Rosebud* if needed.

Rosebud PLM, Inc offers a free 60 day trial version that can be downloaded from on our website ( and automatically plugged into Acrobat enabling Acrobat users to collaborate immediately, live on the Web. More information and an eDemo produced by Adobe that walks you through a Rosebud* collaboration session is available at our website. We are presently porting Rosebud's* collaboration support to Adobe's newly announced free Reader version 7 to extend user participation to its installed base of over 500 Million users.

Rosebud* is sold as a server application that includes a client installation module for a certain number of seats. Rosebud PLM, Inc. is currently offering introductory pricing for 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 seat licenses.
Rosebud is a registered trademark of Rosebud PLM, Inc. ( * patent pending )
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