Rosebud & Skype

Use them together

Key Features

Rosebud* is server-based web tool for PDF document collaboration that provides secure, seamless, enterprise-wide access to the documents being shared. Rosebud leverages Adobe Acrobat's annotation toolset to review, edit and collaborate concurrently with PDF documents. Documents are automatically downloaded when you join a Rosebud collaboration session. Rosebud participants can collaborate:

  • concurrently or independently
  • without a browser
  • on any platform
  • using chat to dialog off-page with other reviewers
  • with multiple source documents
  • through multiple review cycles
  • virus and worm resistant
  • with round-trip versioning to MS Office
  • both inside or outside the enterprise firewall and on your proxy server
  • with secure SSL transmission
  • includes a session monitor that forwards Alert messages to your mobile

Rosebud as an Internet-service or an Enterprise Server

Rosebud* is available both as an Internet-service and an Enterprise Server. So a collaboration session can be run on your server or ours; whatever works best for you and your needs. As an Enterprise Server, Rosebud* can be seamlessly integrated via SOAP/XML into any enterprise app (i.e. PLM, ERP, EAI, ECM, DCM, CRM and CPD) that generates a PDF document for distribution and review. You can also scale to your requirements by adding additional Rosebud* replication servers.
Rosebud is a registered trademark (2,971,179) of Rosebud PLM, Inc.   © 2002 Rosebud PLM, Inc.
(* United States Patents 7,454,760, 8,046,699 and 8,578,280)