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  • Morphosis' Opens in a new window. Martin Doscher said
    "Rosebud's novel approach to collaboration is ideally suited to solve the challenges of globally distributed design teams. With its uniqueaction-by-action exchange, design collaboration is more interactive than the usual screen-capture method of desktop sharing. For designers communicating with clients sitting a world apart-one line can communicate so much more than words. Now we have a way to virtually share this most valuable act. Rosebud's strategy of taking advantage of Acrobat's API seems ripe for innovative ways of collaborating and sharing design intent."
  • CGS Publishing Technologies' Opens in a new window. Bruce Brown said
    "We always mentioned Rosebud in the past to clients but at that time they were not interested in simultaneous markup and review. That has changed we are getting more and more people who want to do collaborative (live) markups. While Acrobat 8 does allow this to some degree it is not as sophisticated as your solution and would require a lot of integration work. So Rosebud already has this solution and our software plug-in for Acrobat fits right on top of it."
  • CGS Publishing Technologies' Opens in a new window. Ben Starr said
    "It looks like Rosebud can fill in where Acrobat leaves off for collaboration. Of major importance to us is the ability to have people viewing the PDFs concurrently or individually. It is also important that this be done through Acrobat and not a web browser for the sake of color accuracy and predictability. I feel that not having to manage all of the comments individually and through email will also be a big advantage to ORIS."
  • Practicalia's Opens in a new window. Claudia McCue said
    "If you’re interested in simultaneous markup of a shared PDF, consider trying the beta of Rosebud. . While it’s not yet a shipping product, Rosebud allowsmultiple participants to mark up a hosted PDF and retain everyone’s entries. Participants can also download and save the PDF with the current accumulated markups."
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(* United States Patents 7,454,760, 8,046,699 and 8,578,280)