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You are late again...

You are rushing to attend a lecture by a brilliant nobel-prize winning professor that you signed up for 3 months ago.You enter the room 15 minutes late; the class is full but you manage to find a seat. Your copy of the lecture material is on the table in front of you. You have already missed chapter one and quickly flip past it.

You are loving the lecture and the professor is really brilliant; you copy down all of his comments as fast as you can. After 90 minutes, he asks the class to take a 15 minute break but you stay in your seat to read the chapter you missed. After that you flip ahead to see what will be covered next, penciling in a few questions as you go. Then the class resumes and the professor finishes up to great applause. You can't wait to get home and re-read the material with all the lecturer’s notes.

Now suppose the lecture took place not in a room but on the Internet? Could you have done the same thing with your current web tool? One that was also fast, secure and doesn't distort the text, images or color of the lecture material?

The answer is NO if you aren’t using Rosebud, the only collaboration tool that “puts everybody on the same page”.

Here are 6 questions to ask of your document collaboration tool vendor:

  1. Does every reviewer have their own copy of the documents under review?
  2. Does the Presenter's material display as distorted text, image or color on your PC?
  3. Can you review and annotate 3D documents?
  4. Can you review previously presented material if you join the event late?
  5. Can you look ahead of the Presenter to see what's coming?
  6. Can you add your comments after the Presenter's event has ended?

Rosebud can do all of these and more.
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